Communicate with your customers directly and securely

By signing up as a partner, the OneBox platform will provide a 100% guaranteed delivery of documents to the intended recipients, and you will experience increased productivity, engagement and conversion rates.

OneBox will reduce costs by allowing you to exchange documents faster, more efficiently, securely and reducing the environmental impact associated with physical documentation.


As a partner, you will become part of a network of innovative digital companies and public entities, working together to create a new digital society.

Partnering with Beyon Connect, you will gain access to a platform that is


  • User friendly
  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Ensuring direct communication to citizens
  • Offering a new way for people and businesses to connect

Interested in hearing more? Contact us on for an initial talk and learn more about what it means to partner up with Beyon Connect.

Use Cases

  • Sign contracts and application forms
  • General notifications & reminders
  • Purchases
  • Bill payments

  • Less manual paperwork and automated processes to shorten the user journey
  • General service notifications & reminders
  • Warranties
  • Exchange of data with insurance companies
  • Payments
  • Bodyshop invoices

  • Create your own real-estate eco-system within OneBox, without the overhead
  • General service notifications & reminders
  • Service management requests (e-services)
  • Communication with local authorities
  • Rental payments
  • Down payments
  • Service charge payments

  • Automate internal organizational processes with OneBox
  • Sign offer letters
  • Sign employment contracts
  • Notifications
  • View training calendar & opt-in in (e-service)
  • Payslips with QR codes

  • Insurance policies
  • Insurance claims
  • Sign insurance policies
  • Insurance letters
  • Certificates of Insurance

  • Bank statements
  • Other official bank letters
  • Sign loan applications
  • Credit card payments

  • Travelers can complete required documents at the convenience of their home – allowing for new services, like immigration fast track
  • Accept online payments and signatures securely

  • Unify communications with all public and private hospitals on one platform
  • Sharing of medical imaging with patients
  • Prescriptions
  • Payments
  • Tests results
  • Doctors notes

  • Majority of student-institution interactions will be securely digitized
  • Exam results
  • Transcripts
  • Certificates (QR-code based authentication)
  • General forms & notifications
  • Student schedules
  • Registration forms
  • Tuition fee payments