Communicate with your customers directly and securely

By signing up as a partner, the OneBox platform will provide a 100% guaranteed delivery of documents to the intended recipients, and you will experience increased productivity, engagement and conversion rates.

OneBox will reduce costs by allowing you to exchange documents faster, more efficiently, securely and reducing the environmental impact associated with physical documentation.


As a partner, you will become part of a network of innovative digital companies and public entities, working together to create a new digital society.

Partnering with Beyon Connect, you will gain access to a platform that is

  • User friendly
  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Ensuring direct communication to citizens
  • Offering a new way for people and businesses to connect

Interested in hearing more? Contact us on info@onebox.bh for an initial talk and learn more about what it means to partner up with Beyon Connect.